Monica is a true ‘Horsewoman”, in every sense of the word!
She not only loves horses, she applies her extensive knowledge about their care and well-being to each and every one.  She teaches horsemanship to her students and they are schooled well in the basics, using exercises that are fun and challenging in the process.  Acquiring a solid foundation is key to a students safety and progression to the show ring.
No one more than Monica has the overall vision of her students’, horse and riders alike, success.  Whether you want ribbons on your wall or to finally acquire an elusive harmony with a horse you’ve loved for years, Monica will honestly help you achieve your goals.  Always professional, she has excellent communication skills both in and out of the arena.  An accomplished rider who speaks ‘horse talk’ I wish her enormous success and happiness.
Linda Saint Amant & Corbeagh Cruising ISH

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